freedom begins with education

In ERO.EDU we believe that access to the knowledge related to our bodies is a basic human right. We know for sure that sex education can teach mutual respect, setting boundaries and decrease the amount of sexually risky behaviours. This is why we work with teenagers & parents, doctors & schools providing them with tools for a non-binary sex education and organize workshops internationally.

not just binary

The main product offered by ERO.EDU is a set of elements designed to provide the knowledge about human anatomy from a non-binary perspective. Using it, we can easily make sex education more inclusive, discussing various genders and sexes. It was tested on more than 100 teenagers who absolutely loved it! 💖
there is more

But ERO.EDU is not just a tool kit. We use our multidisciplinary skills to organize inclusive sex education workshops in Sweden. We also collaborate with international organizations designing tools for educators all over the world.

on a mission

We are not all the same. Our bodies aren't either. But it is through using playful materials along with inclusive language, we can all learn how to speak about these differences respectfully and without shame. Our ultimate life mission is to make sex education inclusive (finally)!